Not wanting a relationship doesn’t mean being alone…right?

guy-girlThank god for casual sex, I mean I can handle being single if I’m not deprived of sex.   There is always the concern I can’t separate my feelings from the act of sex.  Is this just a girl thing I wonder?

Just like a romantic comedy I sometimes find myself looking at my phone just waiting to see if the guy I slept with the night before texts me.  This is not cool at all, what am I the star of the movie “He’s just not that into you”?

The sex part of my brain is all good with the casual meeting with men, then my girl part of the brain – whom decision making is usually lead by hormones has other ideas the next day.  I wonder if scientists have worked out how to treat clingy-ness (yeah I know its not really a word) or the over whelming sense of panic that my mum was right and casual sex does mean you are kind of a slut (old school I know).

Oh well if it’s a choice between hot sex with an orgasm or sitting at home watching tv – I choose sex!


Being burnt by facebook

The first guy I ever dated after my separation I fell very much in love with.  We were together for about 4 months and although it wasn’t without its bad moments, I really enjoyed being with him.  But as they say “every rose has its thorn” and this one came in the form of an ex F@#K buddy who was in love with him still.

Guy using an iphoneHe denies knowing this and when she came back from being overseas, she made a very big impact on our relationship.  So I try and do the right thing and I try not to be bothered about him seeing her still as long as he is honest about it – right?

Now this is where facebook comes in – bring friends with your boyfriend on facebook is almost like having an online nanny following him during the day – if he uses it all the time.  Especially if your then friends with his friends – the trail of “when and where” he is, can be addictive and bitterly truthful.  The problem with this is – everyone can see this when it goes badly.

So he tells me he is out with his guy friend – ok.  Then his guy friend tags him and is ex F@#K buddy at lunch.  So???? Did you forget to mention her being there?   Of course an argument happens and amongst other reasons we part ways.

So I wasn’t all that upset with him going out with that girl – it was finding out on facebook that killed it for me – finding out your boyfriend is lying to you via a status update bites the big one.

Dating some one at work – oh hell no

Ok so when I first left my husband I made the mistake of dating someone at work – of course I didn’t think it was bad at the time – I really did love this guy and thought it was going to last….opps it didn’t.  Anyway the bad part is he is now dating someone else at work – sigh.  So this girl whom I already disliked is prancing around like she is gods gift and it makes me want to high five her in the face.

LipsSo yeah try not to date people at work – even if he is cute and has a beard – on that note – whats with guys and beards at the moment – I love it – Im glad its come back into fashion.

Anyway back to this guy – the only thing that’s stopping me from feeling bad about this situation is the knowledge that his appendage is rather small.  I mean whats the point if you cant tell that the car is parked in the garage?