Being in a relationship

instagram-in-a-nutshell_258586-612xWell for those people still following me I understand if you’re annoyed at waiting for the next post…cause its been a while.  Want to know why? Sure you do ! Ive meet someone…I know its sudden and I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while, this must be hard for you but it seems I’m actually in a healthy relationship.

So I find it hard to write about my life as its no great hideous dating story you can all laugh boring is love? I mean who likes it when their friends tell them about how awesome their boyfriend or girlfriend is – I don’t even like it and I’m in love!

Speaking of which if I see one more “my boyfriend is amazing” status on facebook my head will explode.  Its not even just on FB, have you seen Instagram! If you want to advertise how fucking awesome your life is then I would recommend getting an account and taking selfies of you and your partner as soon as possible cause its a mad race to who has the best life ever in the form of picts and current status.  We all know how important that is and well, dependable accurate information.

So Im going to try and write about relationships without all the gooey bits, dare I say it may even be free of selfies, actually I can definitely say that.


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