If you don’t look they will come

dont-lookSounds familiar? It usually comes from people who are in relationships who don’t know what else to say to single people (which quite frankly makes me want to high five them to the face).  Oh so what you’re saying is I should stop going on dates/meeting people and prince charming will just appear at the local shopping centre and start talking to me?  Doubt it…

On the other hand…being recently single and burnt from harassing texts after my ex and I broke up, I decided that I wouldn’t let him win and I put myself back out there.   In saying that this time was different, I wasn’t looking for a relationship nor NSA fun.  So where does that leave me? Somewhere in the middle I guess.

The good thing is I don’t care anymore, there is no self-applied pressure to make the next guy I met my boyfriend.  To be honest I don’t have the energy for being with someone, changing and bending just a little to make it work.  I know compromise is important when it comes to relationships but in retrospective I do it too much.

So the first guy I met for coffee from an online dating site gave me a bit too much of an opinion about well…everything, even my profile spiel!  All good, nice to meet you and good bye.  The second guy I met recently seems real, educated and with just the right amount of life baggage.  So I wasn’t looking to get into anything when he came along and now he has asked to me to date exclusively…were the relationship people right all along?


3 thoughts on “If you don’t look they will come

  1. the whole “once you stop looking, it’ll come to you” talk irritates the crap out of me. I don’t even know what it means. This was something I was planning on writing about on my blog as well. I mean, I don’t stand on a corner with a sign that says HEY I’M SINGLE, PLEASE DATE ME!! lol. I don’t know exactly how I “look” for a boyfriend (aside from being an online dater but that’s relatively recent).

    I don’t think they’re right. If it was, I wouldn’t be single.

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