10 Tips to get over a bad breakup

10 Tips to get over it:

  1. Cry – cause its helps and you need to let all the crappyness out – keeping it in will just make you constipated
  2. Drink – not to much you don’t want to be the local drunk – Im just sayin
  3. Spoil yourself – your going to have puffy eyes from crying  so for god sake buy a new dress so we can look at that (if your a guy buy some Aviator sun glasses)
  4. Change your look – dye your hair, get a fake tan – fake it till you make it baby!
  5. Be angry – but don’t bitch about your ex to everyone – it makes you look like a idiot for marring/staying with him/her in the first place
  6. Watch movies to take your mind off your life – do NOT watch romantic comedies – seriously it’s not cool to cry over a movie that has Jennifer Lopez in it – unless you’re upset for her career.
  7. Call your friends – do NOT dump on the tem – that’s what a physiologist is for so go see one strait away
  8. Eat chocolate – but go to the gym as well
  9. Dont date strait away – cause you will compare the next guy/girl to your ex – maybe just have angry care free sex
  10. Get a sex toy – vibrator or if you’re a guy reading this – then get something else from a sex shop


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